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  Abakh Khoja Tomb

Brief / profile
The Abakh Khoja Tomb (also known as Tomb of Xiang Fei) is an ancient Islamic building covering an area of about 5 acres in ancient poplar trees. It’s regarded as a well-preserved Islamic architectural complex not only in Xinjiang but also across the Central Asia.


This scenic spot is at Hanhao Villages, about 5 kilometers northeast of Kashgar.

Why got its this name

It was built to bury 72 members of 5 generations of Abakh Khoja family in Kashgar.

The tomb is made up of 5 parts: a gate tower, a chapel, a large worship temple, a hall for learning scripture and a tomb chamber, among which the tomb chamber is the main building as well as the most splendid mausoleum in Xinjiang. The chamber with a rectangular base is 36 meters long and 27 meters high. Its walls are decorated by green marble bricks with blue and yellow tiles beset among them. Of all the coffins here, the stone coffin of Xiang Fei in the southeast corner is outstanding in particular.








It was originally built in 1640.
Legend and Story
Besides, there’s a legend about this attraction. It’s said that a descendant of Abakh Khoja-Iparhan had a special fragrance without using any perfume. Therefore people called her Xiang Fei(means fragrant concubine) who spent 28 years with Emperor Qianlong in Beijing. She strictly abode by Islamic doctrines and expressed her hope to be buried in Turpan her hometown before she died at 55. The Emperor Qianlong loved her so deeply that he sent her coffin here.
Tourists can get to this attraction by taxi or bus.
Admission fee.
The admission fee is RMB 30.
It’s open to the public from 8:50 to 20:00 and the recommended time for a visit is one hour. Thus, we advise you to arrange your touring time according to these.



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