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Kashgar Geography
Kashgar is an oasis city in the southwest of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China and stands in the west of the Taklamakan Desert at the foot of Tianshan Mountain.

Area of Kashgar
It covers an area of 162,000 square kilometers.

Kashgar History
Kashgar was famous as a political and business center a long time ago. With a history of over 2,000 years, this city was originally under the administration of the Zhuangpu prefectural General’s office in the Han Dynasty. Then, after Zhang Qian-a special envoy to the Western Region was sent to there by Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty, the trade between Kashgar and Han finally established. Therefore, the authority of the city submitted to Han. During the Tang Dynasty, it became one of the 4 important towns in Anxi. In the Qing Dynasty, Kashgar turned to be the seat of the government of the Kashagar councilor.

Climate and Weather of Kashgar








This city enjoys a continental climate in a whole with annual average temperature of 11.7 centigrade. -24.4 centigrade is the lowest temperature and 40.1 centigrade is the highest.

Kashgar Population
Kashgar owns a population of roughly 200,000.

Race of Kashgar
Moreover, it is home to Uigurs-an important Muslim community. In addition, Han and Hui people are also populated here.

Kashgar Top Attractions
Endowed with rich historical heritages and abundant natural resources, Kashgar has many places worthwhile to have a visit, of which Abakh Khoja Tomb, Id Kah Mosque, and Three Immortals Buddhist Caves are the most popular sightseeing destinations.

Best Travel Season Kashgar
Kashgar has long summers and short winters. It’s relatively dry. The best time to be here is August and September due to the pleasant weather and raped fruits.

Kashgar Transportation
The transportation here is relatively convenient although it lies in the outmost west. Tourists can go there by air, train and bus.

Kashgar Food and Drink
In Kashgar, you can taste the authentic roast lamb, shishi-kebab and baled fish.

Kashgar Local Products Shopping
Besides the local food, you should never forget to buy the crafts when touring here.

Kashgar Airport
The Kashgar Airport provides routine flight linking Urumqi and Islamabad.

Kashgar Train Station
As for the train station here, the South Xinjiang branch of the Lanxin(from Lanzhou to Xinjiang) Train Station can take you to Kashgar.

Kashgar Travel Tips
Firstly, since the weather here is changeable, you should change your clothes in time according to the current weather conditions. Secondly, it’s very dry in this area, so we advise you to drink more water. Thirdly, suntan items are necessities due to the strong ultraviolet radiation. Fourthly, it’s unwise to drink hot tea after having fruits.


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