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Geography of Turpan
As a sparkling pearl along the Silk Road, Turpan with the lowest elevation in China stands at the center of Xinjiang and to the southeast of Urumchi, the capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Besides, it’s a fabulous city with the perfect combination of Western and Eastern religions and cultures.

Turpan Area
This city covers an area of 15,738 square kilometers.

Turpan History
It’s an ancient city with a long history. The earliest human beings living there can be traced back to roughly 6,000 years ago. Turpan was once Named “Gaochang”, “Xizhou” and “Huozhou” in the past. In the Han Dynasty, it was the political and economic center of West China. Due to its military importance, it became the capital of the ancient Cheshi Kingdom. Since the Tang Dynasty, Turpan was one the earliest cities open to the outside. Many people from all walks of life both at home and abroad came here for exchange and communication.

Climate and Weather of Turpan








Also called the “Fire State”, Turpan is the hottest cities across China with the annual average temperature of about 14 centigrade. Besides, this city also owns abundant sunshine providing ideal conditions for melons and grapes. Although it’s really hot here, the weather is not humid at all.

Population of Turpan
Turpan boasts a population of roughly 250,000.

Moreover, this city consists of 21 nationalities, among which, Uigurs are the largest nationality accounting for 70% of the total number.

Turpan Top Attractions
As an ancient city, Turpan is blessed with numerous scenic spots among which Ancient City of Gaochang, Ancient City of Jiaohe and Astana-Karakhoja Ancient Tombs are famous in particular and worth having a visit.

Best Travel Season to Turpan
As for the best time to visit Turpan, the period from July to September is more favorable thanks to the rape fruits there at that time.

Turpan Transportation
The transportation here is rather convenient due to its importance along the Silk Road. Regarded as the hub between Xinjiang and the east China, Turpan owns the usual vehicles as well as a special “donkey taxi”. Tourists can ride the donkey and get a view of this city.

Food and Drink of Turpan
In such a city populated by ethnic minorities, you will find many Uygur snacks on the streets. Kebabs, Zhua Fan (Rice Eaten with Hands), Nang, Roast Lamb are also worth having a try due to their wonderful taste. Besides, as for the drinks, you will have the chance to taste the most authentic traditional drinks in Turpan such as milk tea, black tea, mare’s milk and grape wine.

Local Products Shopping in Turpan
This ancient city is well-known for its finest grapes. Turpan raisins are also the favorites for visitors. In addition, the Hami melon is another special product in this area. Famed as the most precious fruit, many Hami melons are exported to other countries. Besides, tourists should not forget to buy the traditional handcrafts with distinctive local flavors once coming here.



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