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  Southern Pasture

Brief / profile
With an area of 119 square kilometers, the Southern Pasture is a grazing area as well as a natural summer retreat popular among tourists.


The pasture is situated in the Southern Mountains at the northern side of Karawuquntag Mountain, about 75 km away from Urumchi.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and vegetation, the pasture is blessed with picturesque scenery with the West White Poplar Gully as its best scenic spot. Here, you can enjoy the snow-covered mountains with tall firs surrounded. Horses and cows are grazing freely on the grassland. Besides, you can also visit the traditional yurt and appreciate the local singing and dancing. The hospitable
Hostesses will entertain you with fragrant milk tea, cheese and roasted lamb. Other sightseeing destinations in the Southern Pasture such as Zhaobi Mountain, Daxi Gully and others are still worth visiting.








Admission fee.
The admission fee is RMB 55 including the service charge.

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