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Urumchi Geography

As the largest city in the west China, Urumchi is the capital city of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the northwest of China. The landform here is mainly mountainous.

Area of Urumchi
This city occupies an area of about 11,000 square kilometers.

Urumchi History
Urumchi was a key town along the Silk Road two thousand years ago. In the 22nd year of Emperor Zhenguan’s reign during the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Government built Luntai in the ancient town of Urabo, 10 km from the south of the today’s Urumchi. In the Qing Dynasty, the Emperor Qianlong called the expanded town “Luntai” “Dihua” which means to enlighten. In 1884, Emperor Guangxu set up Xinjiang as a province and designated Dihua as its capital. In 1954 after the founding of People’s Republic of China, the city got the present name “Urumchi” meaning beautiful pasture in Mongolian language.








Climate and Weather of Urumchi
Belonging to the dry continental climate, Urumchi has hot and dry summers as well as humid and cold winters. The annual average temperature is 5.4 centigrade.

Urumchi Population
It owns a population of about 1.4,000,000.

Urumchi Top Attractions
As a historical multi-national capital city, Urumqi enjoys numerous scenic spots with unique geographical features, of which the following ones are very famous and you should not miss them when traveling here: Red Hill, Southern Pasture, and Southern Mosque.

Best Travel Season of Urumchi
It’s dry and insufficient of rain in Urumqi since it’s a city far from the sea.
The best time to visit Urumqi is spring and autumn due to the temperate weather and flowers in full blossom.

Urumchi Transportation
As a hub of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Urumchi is blessed with convenient highway and railway.

Urumchi Local Products Shopping
There’re numerous specialties with traditional ethnic flavors such as jewelry, jade carving, raisin and apricot and so on.

Urumchi Travel Tips
We highly advise you to drink more water due to the dry weather. Moreover, more clothes are also necessary since there’ a huge difference in temperature between daytime and night. Besides, ultraviolet radiation is also very violent, thus, you should bring sunglasses and suntan lotions to avoid radiation.


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