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  Labrang Monastery

Brief / profile
The Labrang Monastery is one of the leading monasteries of Sikkim and is home to the most monks outside of Tibet. As a sacred destination, it’s been preserved in its original condition. The best time to visit the monastery is during Tibetan festivals which are held at different times according to the traditional lunar calendar.


It’s situated in Xiahe County, Gansu Province.

Function or value in the past

In order to memorize Latsun Chembo of Kongpu (Tibet) who ran and propagated Nyingmapa School of the Tibetan Buddhism, the Labrang Monastery was built.


The monastery is made up of 18 splendid halls, 6 reputable Buddhist institutes and about 5,000 bedrooms for the living Buddhas and general monks. Two halls stand out here namely the Main Hall and the Shouxi Prayer Hall. The Main Hall has a horizontal wooden board inscribed with 3 Chinese characters Juehui Si








which means self discovery is made in this temple. Among the 6 prayer halls, the Shouxi prayer Hall is the largest one in size. A mammoth statue of Sakimonia is located in it.


It was founded by the first Jamyang Zhaypa in 1709. In the past, the monastery supported all the Tibetan Buddhist studies in addition to the permission of other Tibetan and non-Tibetan religious practices. In history, it was temporarily shut down and reopened in1980. Today, it still plays a vital role in Amdo.

Present condition

Today, the monastery with about 2,000 monks is an important place for Buddhist ceremonies and activities.


Visitors can take bus and turn right after getting out of the bus station onto the main road. The entrance is just on the right about 1.5 km from Xiahe County.

Admission fee.

The general entry is free, while you should pay RMB40 for tour.


This attraction is open from 9:00am to 12:00am and 2:30pm to 4:30pm for a guided tour and until 4:30 for general tourists.

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