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Xiahe Geography
Xiahe is a small county in the southwest of Gansu Province and northwest of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. Moreover, this town is the traffic hub either northwards to Gansu or southwards to Sichuan.

Area of Xiahe
It occupies an area of 8,687 square kilometers.

Xiahe History
This town was the ley of Qiang in the Spring and Autumn period. Recently, it became a scenic spot and got the present name in 1928.

Climate and Weather of Xiahe
Xiahe enjoys a temperate and semiarid climate in the north and cold and humid climate in the south. There’s usually plenty of rainfall in summer and autumn while it’s windy in spring and winter.

Xiahe Population
Xiahe boasts a Population of 150,000.








Xiahe Race
Among all the population here, Tibetans account for 45% of the total and is the largest ethnic minority. In addition, there’re 10% Hui minority and 45% Han people.

Top Attractions in Xiahe
This ancient town is also blessed with numerous sightseeing destinations. Among them, the Labrang Monastery is one of the most important Tibetan monasteries outside of Tibet. Once you coming to Xiahe, this attraction should be your first choice. Besides, the Sangke Prairie is also an excellent place for enjoyment and relaxation.

Tourists can take bus to Xiahe at Lanzhou South Bus Terminal. Once entering this town, you can take minibus or taxi to get around. It’s very convenient.

Local Products Shopping
It will be regretful if you do not buy some local products When you touring Xiahe. There’re a lot of shops here selling local crafts including colorful textiles, Tibetan jewelry, silver jewelry and Tibetan hats.


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