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Zhangye Geography
Zhangye is a medium prefecture-level town situated in the west of Gansu Province, China and 450 km northwest of Lanzhou- the capital city of Gansu Province. Endowed with abundant sunlight, fertile soil and numerous streams, it has become an important agricultural center in Gansu Province and even China.

Area of Zhangye
This town has an area of about 42,000 square kilometers.

Zhangye History
Once called Ganzhou, Zhangye owns a long history dating back to over 2,000 years ago. It was the political, economic, cultural and diplomatic center for the past dynasties in the northwest of China. Moreover, this county was also a famous business port along the Silk Road and one of the biggest international trade markets in the ancient China.
During the Western Han Dynasty, Zhangye was designated as an administrative town and became more well-known owing to the Silk Road. Then, it turned to be a critical garrison for soldiers guarding the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. This town even became the capital city of Gansu Province for a period in the Ming Dynasty.








Climate and Weather of Zhangye
Zhangye enjoys a continental climate with the annual average temperature of 7 C. the coldest month is January and the hottest is July.

Population of Zhangye
This town owns a population of 1,260,000 with 260,000 urban residents.

Besides Han people, there’re 26 ethnic minorities including Hui, Yugur Tibetan and so on.

Zhangye Top Attractions
When traveling here, you should never forget to visit its symbolic sightseeing destinations here. Among them, the Giant Buddha Temple and Wooden Pagoda Temple should be your first choices.

Best Travel Season
As for the best time to travel here, the period from June to September is more favorable.

Zhangye Transportation
Tourists can come to Zhangye by train or bus. As for the bus, there’re 2 bus stations. One is the East Bus Station lying on HuaiCheng East Road and the other is South Bus Station located on Huaicheng South Road.

Food and Drink in Zhangye
This town is famous for its production of lethal liquor including Zhangye Rice Wine, Zhangye Nan Wine and Siluchun Spirits. Due to the excellent quality and flavor, they enjoy popularity among people both at home and abroad. Once touring here, you should never forget to have a try.

Zhangye Local Products Shopping
In addition, Zhangye owns a lot of local products such as Chinese date, garlic, cashmere and so on. Exhibition Center and Conference Center

Train Station in Zhangye
Zhangye Railway Station is located at the end of Zhanghuo Road, 8 miles northeast of the center of this city.


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